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Committed to Delivering High-Quality Projects!
MEP Engineering for all Projects:

We have MEP engineers for almost every aspect – HVAC, plumbing, fire-fighting and safety, as well as electrical systems. Our specialized MEP teams are equipped to manage all your project requirements, ranging from adhering to construction codes to providing green building MEP services or net-zero MEP services.

Our approach is highly systematic – our team thoroughly analyses the project requirements. Subsequently, we provide a proposal outlining the scope of work, ensuring prompt project completion, top-notch construction quality, and precise cost estimates.

Plumbing/Public Health Engineering System:

Aqua Corp Co. sets itself apart by seamlessly coordinating complex Plumbing Systems within buildings. This entails a comprehensive array of services in accordance with NBC, UIPC, IGBC, BIS & local governing norms.


Aqua Corp Co. prioritises safety by crafting intricate Fire Suppression Systems in accordance with NBC, FSSI, BIS, NFPA & local governing norms (CFO).


Aqua Corp Co. ensures seamless Electrical System integration within buildings in accordance with BEE-ECBC, NBC, BIS, IEE, IGBC, & local governing norms.


Aqua Corp Co. prioritises occupant comfort through meticulous HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) planning in accordance with NBC, ASHRAE, IGBC SMACNA, BIS.

Bill of Quantities

Aqua Corp Co. ensures transparency and accuracy in project cost estimation: